Shen Zhen Rundongyang Printing Packaging Co.,LTD

We mainly biodegradable bag,coffee bags, zipper stand up bag,fruit

packaging bag,Pet poop bag,mailing bag and so on..we also constantly

develop new products to meet the different needs of customers.

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Shen Zhen Rundongyang printing packaging Co.,LTD کنترل کیفیت

Rebecca.Yes, the bags arrived today!They look great!!I've attached a photo.Thanks and looking forward to more business!

—— Amy

Rebecca,I'm very satisfy! Bags are amazing!Thank you for wonderful service, you are professional.I just started to distribute my products in new bags.

—— Suavek

it gives me a lot of pleasure do packaging.When I talk to the owners of the stores I'm so proud of my product because it looks very professional.

—— Suavek

I am overwhelmed by the exceptional quality of your company.I was impressed not only with the product,which was superb,but with the entire process.

—— Julio

hello,Rebecca, Your company has a very good reputation,the products are all in very high quality and I'm very satisfied with your perfect service.

—— Marianne

The bags have arrived and they look excellent! We are going to be using them for the first time today. Thank-you very much for all your work on this.

—— Andy

I received the bags and they are excellent! You and your company do very good work.

—— Greg

Wendy, they came today! I love them, and you did a great job. I hope to give you more business in the future.Thank You very much!

—— Adam Danner

Thanks as always.Samples arrived today and they are great!! Even the scanning code works!! Great work Wendy. Thanks for every thing.

—— Chris Chilvers

You are always welcome

—— Jaspreet Singh

Business has been good. I have sold the first batch of printed bags and everyone really likes them. They are selling well!

—— Christopher

I know you spent so much time and energy in order to comply with my various requests.I am aware that you communicated with me even at night or weekend

—— Tosh Kubota

Thanks, you

—— Milene Alves

چت IM آنلاین در حال حاضر
مشخصات QC

In order to provide a best quality and service, we build a dustless and anti-static workshop, and modern

quality management system, we also obtain the ISO9000 quality system certification.We have independent

import and export rights, 80% goods are exported to Europe.It is highly loved and praised by overseas buyers.


گواهینامه ها
  • استاندارد:ASTM 6400 Certificate

    تاریخ انقضا:2012-03-23

    محدوده / محدوده:The environmental protection material and all the degradation of the authentication

  • استاندارد:EN13432 Certificate

    عدد:No. O 08-274-A

    تاریخ صدور:2008-09-25

    محدوده / محدوده:The environmental protection material and all the degradation of the authentication

    صادر شده توسط:AIB-VINCOTTE International s.a./n.v.

  • استاندارد:SGS

    تاریخ صدور:2011-04-12

    محدوده / محدوده:ROHS

    صادر شده توسط:SGS-CSTC Ltd.

  • استاندارد:SGS

    تاریخ صدور:2011-04-12

    محدوده / محدوده:Do not contain harmful substances

    صادر شده توسط:SGS-CSTC Ltd.

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